La Fahyette (fahye) wrote in thesaxons,
La Fahyette

FIC: like a ruthless force

Wow, it's taken me a while to remember to post this to a community :)

Title: Like a Ruthless Force
Author: fahye
Rating: PG-13 to R
Word count: 3860
Notes: A very long time ago I posted No Sleepers Must Sleep, and mentioned that it was the first of two connected stories about Lucy Saxon. This is the second!

It'll make a lot more sense if you've read Sleepers. The title comes from the same poem: Whitman's Beat! Beat! Drums.

Somewhat to my surprise, an awful lot of Lewis Carroll found its way in here; some of the references are rather oblique, but if your childhoods were half as Alice-influenced as mine was, you'll probably have fun spotting them.

( Their empire is ushered in with music and with music it continues, much to Lucy's pleasure. )
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