The rest is still unwritten (commodoresexual) wrote in thesaxons,
The rest is still unwritten

Heeeeeeeere's more!

Title: A Full-Scale Invasion of Archaic Human Rituals
Pairing: Saxon/Lucy
Rating: PG
Disclaimers: I don't own Doctor Who, or seriously, the Daleks would have my back, yo. I also don't own any mentions of anything else that might be in here, because seriously? I'm just a poor student. Hear that? POOR. Okay, done.
Author's Notes: I promised, didn't I? Well, they're back, and the ride is just beginning, kids. For this, I'd like to thank my marvelous betas as always. I'd also like to thank thugbeemer and calapine for all their wonderful inspiration. Keep it up, guys. You keep the fires burning.

The other parts of Bless:
Here Come The Drums
Devil Inside
Blood Calls To Blood
Game's Afoot

Summary: Every couple has to conform arachic human rituals.

So glad we understand one another.

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