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Lumina et Tenebrae - Prologue

Title: Lumina et Tenebrae
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Harold Saxon, The Master, Lucy Cole
Pairing(s): Lucy/Harold Saxon!The Master
Rating: U (For this section)
Summary: Lucy is on a journey, a journey in which she is but a pawn in the grand games of Time Lords. But can she over come her uncertainties and the remnants of her childhood to find the man she is destined for?
Notes: This is the prologue to my first fic in a loooooooooooooong time. I intend this to be several chapters long, but I hope you enjoy what I have so far. This is dedicated to the lovely people at [info]brb_gallifrey  and the wonderful [info]unfeathered who is not just a great beta, but a great RP buddy!


The clock struck two in the morning as The Master stepped out from the door of the old Grandfather clock. Around the old house, the chimes of the TARDIS rang out, echoing through the halls and resonating along the walls. The floor boards creaked under foot, and he walked slowly along the corridor, looking out of the window at the windy and dark night as he passed. This was meant to be, this night, he had waited and waited to be here. He had waited to see her, the one that would affect his future regeneration so very, very much. He smiled his dark eyes bright for once. He had been to the future, seeing his future self, not making contact though. Koschei knew how important this child would be, well, she would be to him. It seemed he would lose his mind, and she would have to help him find it.

Somewhere in the building, a scream rang out.

Julia Cole was in labour.


Tens years on from night a small girl plays hide and seek in the trees near her house.

It was Lucy’s birthday and she was dressed up like a little doll, pretty red dress and shiny patent shoes, running through the grass, mud splattered white tights. She turned back giggling, looking for her play mates. Her mother called from the porch. Tarminster was beautiful at this time of year, the autumn was just settling in and the trees surrounding her fathers estate looked they were on fire.

“Lucy, now be careful darling,” Shouted her mother, Lucy didn’t listen. Daddy told her to go and run wild.

The woods near Tarminster were deep, deep and sad Lucy often thought. She imagined fairies and unicorns roaming about in the undergrowth. She dreamt of being a queen, a princess, of taking over the world. She’d always had an imagination.

She ran into the tree line, constantly looking back, panting and out of breath, excited and full of cake. She could hear the screams and calls of her friends following her in.

Suddenly the sounds stopped, she couldn’t hear anyone anymore. Lucy turned and realised she’s gone too far immediately.

“Hello…” she called meekly. Maybe they were just hiding from her, getting ready to jump and make her panic. Lucy slowly walked forward, her shiny red shoes crunching on the leaf litter underneath. The woods were silent aside from the odd sound of the birds, though they seemed to have gone quiet too. Maybe the fairies were evil, maybe they were goblins, and maybe they would take her away. Her bottom lip began to tremble.

“Lost, are we?” said a voice from behind. Lucy turned, jumping, and backing up into the thick trunk of an old tree. He watched as she banged her head and rubbed it clumsily with her small hand.

“It’s alright, you don’t have to be scared,” The Master said, placing a hand out towards her, indicating that it was safe. His face twisted into a smile, he knew he didn’t look particularly sincere, the child squirmed.

“No it’s alright dear,” he said again, a touch of aggression in his voice. He came closer now, so she could see into his eyes, his bleak dark eyes, and so she would listen. He stared at her.

“Now listen, you have to pay attention Lucy….,” He whispered drawing closer raising a gloved hand to his mouth.

“You have to listen because this is very important. One day you will meet a powerful man, and you will fall in love with him but you have to be careful, very careful, you understand. He’ll be your prince Lucy ….Lucy?” He repeated her name and she nodded quickly, her blonde hair bobbing at her chin.

“Your Prince Charming, yes?”

The child began to smile, and The Master found himself confused.  He understood the appeal of the story to her, after all, earth children were raised on these tales of hope and wonder, but….wasn’t she scared, scared of him…

“Really…?” she smiled, moving away from the tree slightly, watching him awkwardly.

“Yes dear, really.”

He hated the smell of children, all dirt and sweat. But he had to do this for his own safety, because he wouldn’t have time when he needed too, because from what he had seen, his own selfish urges would overwhelm his usual calm and collected nature.

“Why?” she asked, as only a child could. Her questions had always bothered her parents. She asked too much, and she wanted to know everything. Why Mummy had had to spend the week in bed and she wasn’t allowed to see her. Why Daddy has run away with a bottle of Whiskey and crashed the car.

“I…I can’t explain dear,” the Master replied fumbling slightly. He didn’t think she’d be asking questions, in fact she was starting to move closer towards him now, oh but she was supposed to be afraid not…well, not interested, and she was supposed to be hypnotised, his suggestions flooding her brain. He was puzzled, how was this damn child talking back to him?

“Are you here for my birthday because Mummy said that all the grown ups are supposed to b….” The child was cut off by the sound of a woman’s voice shouting through the trees. The Master watched as she turned her back to him, as she looked out into the trees her eyes searching quickly for the source of the voice.

 She was either very stupid, or completely immune to his charms, either way; he had to leave her now, before he was seen. Slowly he backed away through the undergrowth, hiding behind a tree. He watched and grinned as she turned around, looking back for him, her mother marching through the trees, intoxicated by the look of her and pulling Lucy away roughly by the arm. He did pity her, well, very slightly, but he knew she over come her unfortunate family eventually.

 He sighed, looking at his pocket watch, pushing against the tree, it opened up and he vanished inside.

The tree was no more, and he was on his way. On his way to war.


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